Thursday, December 31, 2009


Question of Parliamentarian Members of LAOS, about Bolanos matter

Press Conference"

To the Honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs
Subject: The Albanian state against Mayor of Himara

The issue of the Albanian Prosecutor of Vlora, for the political prosecution in fals "abuse of power" to the Greek mayor of Himara Vasilios Bolanos, the penalties under Albanian law provide long imprisonment of the Mayor of Himara, resistance with all his might to protect land and property of the Greeks of Northern Epirus, but also for the general ethnic, religious and cultural protection of northern epiriotes, all those LAOS asks the Greek foreign ministry.

Clearly this is a clear political persecution with manufactured categories, which adds to other similar proceedings against the Greeks in Northern Epirus both the Albanian state and from Albanian para-mechanisms together, terrorizing the ethnic Greek minority in Northern Epirus.

Asked the competent Minister,

A) How do you intend to support the Mayor Himara, and to protect him from persecution and terrorism received from the Albanians?

B) to pressure the Albanian government for the area where resides the Greek ethnic minority in Northern Epirus to have a significant institutional authority to protect itself against the Albanian fashist metodes?

Athanasios Plevris, MP A Athens
Spiridon-Adonis Georgiadis, MP B Athens


Anonymous said...

LAOS leader Karatzaferis has asked to make referendum for Albanian emigrant if they must take Greek citizenship, may open problems with Albania??? I don't think that Bollano matter to be important issue on Greek Albanian relations.

Ari Tepelena

Anonymous said...

No, I don't think so, Bollanos is great matter. If Omonia, will decide to joint politically with Socialist Party, the issues became more complicated for future of Albania.


Anonymous said...

Bollano in prison, changes immediately the geopolitical configuration of the country. Berisha officially will be target by world Greek propaganda against Berisha and Athens uses veto for everything to Albania, including EU.


Anonymous said...

Bollano must understand that he is elected a Major of Himara. As such his job is not to be a tool of politicians that only talk about Vorioepiri. He has been elected to help Himara become prosperous. Citizens of Himara are the only victims.