Wednesday, December 30, 2009

President plans trip to Kosovo

BELGRADE. President Boris Tadić says he will be visiting Kosovo soon in order to show that Serbia is not giving up on the fight for the province and its citizens there.

Tadić took part in a Q&A session broadcast on RTS TV last night, to say that the government will insist that its citizens in Kosovo prosper economically and have all the rights given to citizens in the rest of the country.

He said that this year, the government achieved a significant diplomatic victory as it received guarantees that its EU integration will not be conditioned with position towards Kosovo.

The president said that "it is clear that even those European countries to not intend to withdraw their recognition of Kosovo will not blackmail Serbia into recognizing Kosovo or joining NATO".

“We received clear guarantees from all EU officials that no one will condition Serbia to recognize Kosovo in order to enter the EU,” Tadić repeated.

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