Thursday, April 2, 2020

The United States will give the next blow to the fired Prime Minister Kurti


April 1, 2020

The United States has once again come out against the positions of the now dismissed Prime Minister Albin Kurti,

The establishment of reciprocity by the incumbent Government, Kurti, has led the United States to oppose this decision and issue a statement.

Donald Trump's envoy for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Richard Grenell, shared on his Twitter account the position of the US Embassy in Kosovo, which states that they are against imposing reciprocity measures on Serbia.
The US Embassy has previously stated through an official statement that it is in favor of a complete 100 percent tax exemption, without imposing reciprocity.

In this announcement, it is said that these measures endanger the people of Kosovo and stifle the economy of the country itself.

“The United States was clear that Kosovo should abolish all tariffs and not create new barriers because these policies hurt the people of Kosovo and stifle Kosovo's economy. We remain opposed to recent action to implement reciprocity measures against the flow of goods from Serbia. These measures create more problems at a time when the United States believes that air, rail, and highway agreements reached between the two sides will boost economic development when implemented, and create the conditions necessary for successful dialogue, ”reads the response.

Ambassador Richard Grenell also reacted to this with a 'retweet' on his Twitter account, as expected after the US has been against reciprocity since its inception.

We recall that for the tax issue, it was one of the reasons why the LDK overthrew Kurti in the Assembly with a no-confidence motion that was supported by 82 members of the Assembly.

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