Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bishop of Konitsa, Andreas: Let the history and the Autonomy of the North Epirus, we seek union with Greece

On the 102 anniversary of the Corfu Protocol, the Bishop of Pogoni Delvinaki and Konitsa, Andreas, for the first time declared the Union of Northern Epirus with Greece, (former Autonomous territory of the Greeks in Northern Epirus in 1914).

The statement has surprised not only the guests, but also journalists and politicians who were present at the ceremony commemorating the decision of the Great Powers in May 17, 1914, to the Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus.

"Albania, apparently, not only do not respect freedoms and human rights and the Greeks, their church and the autonomy granted by the Big Powers, but every day is robbed properties, demolish houses and the Orthodox Church that belong to community of the Greeks in North Epirin "said Bishop Andreas, one of the collaborators of the former Bishop of Pogonis and Konitsas Sebastianos.

But the statement for Union with Greece, to the Greeks living in the territory of Northern Epirus,, is an important step geopolitical, for which the Greek Orthodox Church, presents Greek politicians, national issues of the country.

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