Saturday, May 21, 2016

Idrizi: We voted to the Territorial Division, disrupting the creation of the Region of Northern Epirus

Idrizi: Territorial reforms voted in 30 July 2014, it is becoming a problem not only electoral between political parties, but also geopolitics".

As it has happened in the census in 2011, the Party that represents the nationalist interests of the Cham Community , PDIU when they proposed criminal penalties "who declared as Greek nationality", is the second time that this political party openly stated stance by Albanian politicians on the New Territorial Division of the vote in 2014.

Tirana. During a Congressional Session within PDIU elections, the Party that defends the interests of Cham Community, The Chairman, Shpetim Idrizi, analyzed the activity of this Nationalist Party, which accuses Greece, for genocide against the Cham Community, during World War II.

He called as " the Great Victory" the adoption of The Territorial Division of vote by the Albanian Parliament in July of 2014, stated that "with the votes of our Party, we avoid creating zones of the Northern Epirus, an aspiration of the Greek nationalism" noted Idrizi

But over all, Idrizi during his speech, continuing to declare for a resolution to be adopted by the Albanian Parliament about Chamuria, and proposes to see from the international community, to put pressure on Greece to grant a Autonomy to the Cham community in Greece ".

Despite the heightened nationalist rhetoric, the declarations of the head of the PDIU created the impression in the opinion that "The Territorial Division, separately, was a creature for administrative elections, which favored the government, but at the same time has destroyed the existence of the Greek Communities in the South of Albania, bringing together municipalities , with Muslim Majority, the Greek ones, as was the case of Himara ..

Idris also mentioned Former US Ambassador in Tirana, Alex Arvizu, who officially invited, PDIU to vote for the territorial division, having become a great service, to the nation.

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