Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bust of Hillary Clinton going up in oldest Greek Town, now occupied by Albanian

The southern Albanian town of Agia Saranda, a oldest Greek center near Corfu Island,  actually occupied by Albanian communities, is erecting a bust of U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to mark her contribution in the international arena for the Albanian nation.

The city council (in majority composted by Albanians) unanimously decided a day earlier to display the sculpture of the former U.S. Secretary of State on the main boulevard along the shore, due to her "dimension as a woman in politics, as a representative of the old Albania-U.S. friendship, for her contribution to the Albanian nation in different historical moments."

Agia Saranda is a tourist town close to the ancient Hellenic archaeological spot of Butrint.
Still 1991 Agia Saranda was a center of the greek minority, inhabited by about 9 thousand people, but after years until now, the town is become more Albanians than Greek community, factorized by the national expansionism of Albanian versus South.

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