Saturday, October 5, 2013

Albania-Turkey cooperation
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Albania-Turkey cooperation
The Turkish and Albanian Foreign Ministers, Ahmet Davutoglu and Ditmir Bushati, have emphasized during their press release the reinforcing of the billateral relations in some key sectors for both countries.

The main chapter, which is a novelty in the relations with Turkey, as the Turkish Minister called it, is the organization of joint meetings between the two governments.

“We continued today the long path of institutional cooperation and for passing a strategic partnership document, which will be formalized soon and will be discussed by the Foreign Ministries of Turkey and Albania, will define the most qualitative way of this cooperation, and naturally more strategic, in areas of mutual interest, such as defense, security, energy, tourism and health, but also on a strategic partnership document that will base on the common values of our countries and the region”, Bushati declared.

“Same as in Istanbul, even today we discussed the creation of a strategic partnership document, and we will take further steps in the future. This is a very important project for us and foresees the organization of joint meeting between the two countries. This shows the significance that the relations with Albanian have for Turkey. We have also decided to crate a cooperation mechanism between two different ministries on some given issues, in order to give technical assistance to Albania. Together with me I have today some honorable representatives of banks, energy, security and defense, who have come to give advises for Albania. I want to underline that every success of Albania is also a success of ours”, Davutoglu declared.

Mr.Bushati underlines that he has asked his homologue to support Albania’s efforts, in order to include even Kosovo in these projects.

“We asked from Mr.Davotugly the support of the Turkish government for branching the TAP project to Kosovo, to include Kosovo in the TAP network, and to create a better connection between TAP and IAP, in which Albania, due to the geographical position, is the point where these two projects will meet each other”, Bushati declared.

The Foreign Turkish Minister was welcomed by Prime Minister Edi Rama. In this meeting they discussed about the mutual partnership agreements. Same as in the first meeting, Rama and Davutoglu emphasized the realization of joint meetings and the Turkish assistance in some sectors of Albania. The Turkish Foreign Minister also met with the Albanian President and the Parliament Speaker, Ilir Meta.

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