Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Himara Community and Diaspora, is waiting for more public information and  transparency, about the meeting postponed to the January 2012 days, of Goro - Dhimojani, with PM Sali Berisha.
For years, political leaders of the Himara Municipality, have not enough transparence, to make in public oficialy their meetings in Capital Tirana with representatives of the Albanian state, including President and Prime Minister, showing , the shadow take decisions, in behalf of, the Himara Region.

In addition, this level meetings should be made ​​public at press conferences, as well as by the Albanian government, local authorities and the Himara Municipality. Do not remember the fact that George Goro, is member of the Socialist Party in Oppoissition with Government, at the last administrative elections.

This has all happened before, even with Omonia president and former chairman of the Himara Municipality, Vasil Bolanos, in the past, where obviously, the close relations which Prime Minister Sali Berisha, overcome "the moral sentiments, with hem."

We are in the investigation of the meetings and will help you, to inform about everything, that need for our community in Albania, Greece and particularly in USA.

Archive: December 2011,
Mysterious meetings: Goro - Dhimojani called in Tirana

Geeorge Goro and Anesti Dhimojani, "a special" meeting with Prime Minister Sali Berisha

For several days, Prime Minister of Albania Sali Berisha, has requested a meeting with  two Heads of Himara Municipality, George Goro, and Vlora District Council, Anesti Dhimojani.

The news made ​​public by certain sources within the Prime Ministry, in which will be discussed by the Government approval, in the nearest meeting of the Council of Territorial Adjustment, of the Master Development Plain of the Municipality of Himara.

Himara Diaspora Community, and Civil Society, have opposed this plan, before the Albanian state, does not return the properties and lands, families, communities and the Orthodox Church in Himara Region.

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