Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Albanian media: Greece opened a tender for oil research in "Albania"

In our country (Albania) on the disputed issue by all segments of society is the issue of maritime borders between Albania and Greece, though this fact has not stopped Greece today to announce a tender for oil in our country's maritime borders .

In the official website of the Greek Ministry of Energy, Environment and Climate Change, is published today formally invited to bid for all foreign companies wanting to do research for fuels like crude oil or natural gas research at three points, among them that near the sea border with Albania.

According to the Greek media communication to give six months to July 2012 deadline to accept bids with all documentation required by all companies interested in this tender. Research will take place in Ioannina, in the border areas with Albania, the Gulf of Patra and Katakolon.

Competition will be held on July 2, 2012. According to the ministry this six month period is sufficient to international companies to prepare their bids.

While our country is laid down by the Constitutional Court agreement maritime boundary between Albania and Greece, the agreement prepared by the Foreign Ministries of both countries governments adopted in Parliament.

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