Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Albanian Opposition leader Edi Rama: We propose national renaissance

Rama: We propose national renaissance
The Opposition leader, Edi Rama, addressed the first social network message for this year to the Albanian economic crisis.

After the declarations of PM Sali Berisha about the economic growth during his mandate, and that Albania is far from the similar crisis that have struck the other countries, Rama declared that the government is proposing to the Albanians to be happier, because there is no economic crisis, no unemployment, no injustice, but only great world achievements.

Same as in the last year, when the opposition launched the economic program for coming out of the crisis, Rama reiterated the Socialist alternative, so that the crisis doesn’t go deeper.

“We propose a new Albanian renaissance, a rebirth, so that we can live behind the old habit of lies, so that we can recover the Abanian economy and the state”, Rama declared.

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