Friday, December 16, 2011

EU, Pierre Mirel: property issue remains a problem in Albania

TIRANA, Albania property issue remains a problem. The statement comes from the Director of the European Commission Enlargement Pierre Mirel, for which the issue of ownership is one of 12 criteria set by the European Union, which requires a quick solution.

"Issues of concern remains the problem of ownership. Here it comes to bringing the projects and investments, for example by passi city should be applied. It is matter of concern, but originally planning should be done to ensure that land is owned or has the clarity of property rights and is not good to have delays because people are reported to have agreed to the points A, B, C, while nothing not been for years and this is unfortunate.

Mirel statement was made during the workshop conducted by the Minister of Integration for IPA program to which the European Union has allocated 82 million euros Albania.

For Albanian Minister Bregu, main focus of this assistance will be 12 priorities set by the European Union.
"The main focus of this assistance will be the implementation and orientation and based on 12 key priorities of the European Commission's opinion, particularly those dealing with issues of justice and riot and public administration reform", - emphasized Minister Bregu

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