Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ministers of the "Adriatic Charter" concerned about the situation in Mitrovica

NATO, for the second time within a week in Tirana, concerns for the region, Kosovo
Balkan foreign ministers, members of the Adriatic Charter, today expressed their concern about the situation in northern Mitrovica, looking to jump steps to deal. Speaking on behalf of participants of the Charter "Adriatic 5", Foreign Minister of Albania, Edmond Haxhinasto, said the events in Mitrovica affect regional security. "The situation in northern Mitrovica is concern for security in the region. We welcome every step towards reaching an agreement. We welcomed the implementation of several agreements between the Republic of Kosovo and that Serbia, mainly in terms of integrated border management "- he said.

The foreign ministers of Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina declared the meeting together at the end of that dialogue and agreement between Kosovo and Serbia is a matter of embracing the fundamental values ​​of the European Union and NATO integration. Forum had invited the foreign ministers of Kosovo and Serbia, with the belief that inclusion of the region is the only way to strengthen peace and stability as well as to advance national agendas ahead of the integration of each country.
Balkan foreign ministers declared that the reforms for the European integration of the region are closely linked to security reforms for NATO.

Deputy Assistant Secretary General of NATO, James Apaturai, said the Alliance has great confidence in the way that is pursuing regional cooperation of the Adriatic Charter. "Let me clearly say that NATO's doors are and will remain open, and it will be highlighted again in Chicago Summit Declaration. Doors will be opened soon to this region because this region is not an area neighboring NATO but NATO's house, and we want to have all countries within the common house - he said Apaturai. - Albania and Croatia, joined earlier, there are two excellent sheëmbuj what good partners can bring this region to NATO ".

He stressed that as cooperating in Afghanistan, the Balkan countries are working together here in the region and this is what NATO wants: trust, cooperation, reform and integration. Meeting of foreign ministers of the Charter "Adriatic 5" analyzed the political developments in each country, the progress of integration in NATO and bilateral cooperation.

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