Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The corruption process in Albania

Ilir Meta inquiring proces, experts unable to verify video

Meta-Prifti, experts unable to verify video
As expected, the three Albanian experts read their conclusions in front of the Penal College regarding the forensic tests they made to the Meta-Prifti recorded video. The test should answer to the 18 questions raised more than one month ago by the Judge Panel that is conducting the trial of the former Deputy Prime Minister, Ilir Meta.

As regards the objects they had to verity, the experts said that the clock is produced for registering audio and video, but they couldn’t verify if it was the one that had recorded the Meta-Prifti video, because they had found prints on it.

The experts said that they found another video while retrieving the deleted data of the camera memory, but it was not object of this inspection. They declared that with the tools they had, it was impossible to determine if the video file was downloaded from this micro camera and that technically, they could not make other experimental records through it.

The experts said that the only information source for the Meta-Prifti video is a file in a laptop which has been taken as evidence. According to them, they were unable to find the original file that should had been inside the camera-clock memory.

They added that they had noticed a displacement of the clock timing in some sequences, which, according to the experts, there might have been interferences, but without arguing with concrete examples.

However, the experts gave no declaration about the voice and the conversation between Meta and Prifti, but only for the timing. When asked if they could understand the conversation, the experts declared that the noise was too high and the words could not be understood.


Ex Minister Prifti: Judges to hire foreign experts

Prifti: Judges to hire foreign experts
The MP Dritan Prifti declared that there is no intervention in the video file that has recorded the conversation between him and Ilir Meta. He invited the Supreme Court to demand a new expertise that could be made by the scientific police of an EU country.

“This forensic report can be taken for granted only by Meta’s reasoning. If there are other proofs and facts that the video is mounted, I am ready to resign from all my duties and submit to justice”, Prifti declared in a press conference, commenting the experts’ conclusions given by the Supreme Court.

Prifti considered the declarations of the three Albanian experts as discrediting for the Albanian Judicial System.

“I didn’t expect a different result from these experts. I expected them to work for protecting Ilir Meta”, Prifti declared. According to him, the battle this time is much stronger, because it is between the mafia and the rule of law, between justice and injustice, between the criminalized state and the state that should make justice.

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