Monday, October 31, 2011

In Albania, at 20 years post-dictatorship, 8 000 murders, for the issue of property

The shocking data, are given by the Prosecutor General, to the Albanian press Shocking facts which, in the wake of Albania rank Civil War, the high level of killings, including the year 1997

Through the Albanian press, Attorney General, has published shocking facts about the increasing number of murders in Albania, especially for issues of ownership.

In an analysis published in the newspaper "Shqip", with author Andrea Stefani ([]=*#/opinion/a7c876a5446888f940280bd5f04aade5.html), has accused the Albanian politics as the main responsible of this tragedy, for which, he comments that about one murder per day in Albania, is classified as from prosecution for murder as issue property.

Blocking the legal parameters of private property protection and enforcement of the Constitution not to the absolute right of ownership, has led the Albanian courts, and accountable institutions of property protection, have failed up to that point, that the Albanian Mafia and international, especially throughout the coast, to control most of the properties.

This is why the European Union, has asked Tirana, to implement one of 12 points, for which private property is devoted, to open a free path to the EU.

No country in Europe, can not imagine about 8 000 killed in 20 years for the issue of property, a figure that is classified as a civil war, a country aspiring to join Europe.

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