Sunday, October 30, 2011

Interpol issues arrest warrant for five K. Serbs

PRIŠTINA -- Interpol has issued an arrest warrant for five Serbs suspected of murdering Kosovo police special unit (ROSU) member Enven Zymberi on July 26.

The Interpol arrest warrant
The Interpol arrest warrant

The warrant, which is published on Interpol’s website, was issued at UNMIK’s request.

Interpol issued the warrant for the arrest of Ratomir Božović, Radovan Radić, Milovan Vlašković, Slobodan Vučinić and Dušan Jovanović.

“UNMIK, as a representative of the UN in Kosovo, has asked Interpol to issue the arrest warrants for these persons. We requested the interpol to publish the names of the suspects after we got the court documentation from EULEX,“ UNMIK Spokesman Olivier Salgado told B92.

Radio Dukagjini has reported that Ratomir Kasalević's name is not on the Interpol arrest warrant even though he is one of the suspects for the murder of the policeman.

Zymberi was shot and killed during the operation of the Priština authorities aimed at “establishing law and order“ at the Jarinje and Brnjak administrative crossings in northern Kosovo on July 26.

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