Monday, September 19, 2011

OMONIA, is seeking postponement of the census in Albania

"Constitutional decision, dictated by the Anti Hellen cicles"

OMONIA organization seeks to defer the census of 6 months, indicating that this process is intended statistical contraction of the Greek minority in Albania.

In its statement, OMONIA says that "Unfortunately we conclude that the census process is not expected terms of a precise reflection of the beliefs of such sensitive issues as the demographics of ethnic Greek minority. Proceedings and advertising has nothing in common with European standards and is incompatible with the practice of international organizations ".

In connection with the decision of the Constitutional Court to reject the civil law, OMONIA says that is a decision dictated by antihelene circles. "The Council's General expresses indignation of OMONIA for Constitutional Court decision, a decision that as biased, as controversial and contrary to international and European conventions, decision dictated by nationalist circles and antihelene" the statement said.

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