Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Do not underestimate Greece!" Message from USA to Turkey!

Strong message to Ankara, one of the largest U.S. "think tanks" of the U.S., Stratfor.

In an analysis of the tension caused between Turkey and Israel and how Ankara is handling the issue, featuring discredited policy and warns not to underestimate Greece, in the event that finally led to the decision to engage in war businesses.

According to the analysis of Stratfor, Erdogan has won a lot at home but also in the Arab world who are obviously thrilled with the high tones used against Israel. On the other hand, loses much more credibility.

Why is what convinced me that it really intends to send ships to Gaza, especially after the episode with the Mavi Marmara. Put simply, Stratfor analysis maintains that Erdogan's attempt to emerge as leader of the Arab world have puzzled the great powers and this is a big problem.

But the most interesting part of the analysis that concerns us directly is that it has to do with the issue of mining in Cyprus.

The analysts Stratfor not chew their words:

• Turkey was wrong assessment on the issue, ignored U.S. warnings and now pays. Stratfor says amerikanotourks relations will have a very intensive direction:

• If Turkey continues its slippery path chosen, then nothing can be ruled out even a Greek-Turkish warfare.

• This may be a result of the persistence of Turkey to send a convoy of warships, research vessels in the EEZ of Cyprus.

• It is possible that Greece, despite the major economic problems to "meet" the challenge, perhaps as a way of seeing and not to avoid military conflict with Turkey. We suggest clearly that the outcome of such a conflict is not prescribed especially with the military balance that exists at this strong relation, between Israel-Greece

The accuracy of the estimates and the analysis always prove in practice.So none of all this is not a "gospel". But nobody can deny that such an analysis by this "think tank", was a strong message to Turkey. And it might explain the rush of Erdogan to assure that Obama "will not do anything in Cyprus."

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