Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Parliament of Tirana, calls, as anti Albanian the report of Dick Marty to the Council of Europe

The Parliament Speaker Topalli: The Report aims anti-Albanian sentiments

Ruci, The Socialist Party in Opposition: The report, attempt to stability in the region

TIRANA-On behalf of the Albanian opposition, the Socialist group parliamentary leader Gramoz Ruci, condemned the charges CE reporter, Dick Marty, to the Prime Minister of Kosovo Hashim Thaci, and the KLA's links to drug trafficking, arms and bodies.

By the Parliament of Albania, Ruci asked to prepare a resolution to condemn the harsh accusations that are made Kosovo and Albanian state.

Meanwhile Ruci called Marty's report as a attempt that made stability in the Balkan region.

"The charges in relation to harm our country, not just charges against Thaci. This report threatens stability in the region, "said Ruci.

Parliament Speaker Topalli: report aims anti-Albanian

Even the head of the Albanian Parliament Topalli, reiterated during today's session in parliament, its position on the report of the Rapporteur Dick Marty, accusing him of abuse of office.

"I repeat, is a report on political, total abuse of the duty of a member of the Assembly of the Council of Europe. There is no evidence, talk to some descriptions. The report is intended anti-Albanian, is against our people, against peace in the region.

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