Saturday, December 18, 2010

Census, Dule appeals: "We will not know the falls census If Tirana, wants to manipulate"

"Recently, have changed the data for religion and nationality by the Albanian government, for which it was attempting to manipulate the outcome of the population census"

TIRANA-President of HRUP Vangel Dule, has requested the inclusion of minorities in the national population register. During the speech held at the 9th Conference of HRUP for Tirana, Dule said that registration should be complete and all the elements listed as language, religious affiliation etc..

"Therefore also use this opportunity we have today, the state authorities to address today, tomorrow is too late, start functional cooperation with representatives of various minorities, street Open dialogue, transparency. O Our country will do a population census data of ethnicity, language and religion as it has done every European country, or by members of minorities will not be tolerated any rebate "- Dule said.

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