Friday, November 5, 2010

Protest of Northern Epirots outside the Albanian embassy, in Athens

Two hundred young men from Northern Epirus, found yesterday afternoon in front of the Embassy of Albania in Athens

Beside them and other Greek associations, with a particular impression made by the organized presence of Cypriots of "RNC".

The Youth Northern Epirus, which organized the protest called for the holding of a fair trial, irrespective of nationality and language, for the unjust murder of Aristotle Gouma and exemplary punishment of the guilty and particularly condemn any extension to assimilate the Greek minority lands and properties in Northern Epirus.

The event was attended by members and staff of both the LAOS and the New Republic Party. After the protest, a group of several young came Kifissias Avenue, which he symbolically ruled for about ten minutes, singing the Greek national anthem.

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