Tuesday, November 2, 2010

OSCE will start the registration of property in Ionian coast

A Spanish company called by the OSCE, will perform the registration of property, but does not declare what the documentation will present owners.

"The conflict between the owners, can block the registration in that there is no consensus between the parties"
The problem of ownership of the coastal area could get a final solution by the year 2011. Project registration of property in this area of southern Albania is acquired by a Spanish company, which will deliver in late 2011-s near the Albanian authorities, a documentary record database.

Sponsored by the OSCE, the process in question was warned several months ago by Foreign Minister of Greece, Dimitris Droutsas, who has expressed interest in this case directly to this state on this issue. While there are important ways of organizing and involvement in the registration of all property owned asset in this part of the country.

Thus, sources from the coast of Directors declared the newspaper "Shqip" that the process will be taken into account and consider not only agricultural land but also land, homes and buildings, with a word of all real estate in this area.

The Coastal Associations and The Himara Community, have formally requested the registration of land not under the law 7501 but returning properties by generations of the family. But according to sources, the Spanish company, will retire, if the documentation provided by the state, will be by sources of counterfeiting or will be contested by residents. For this reason, the population of those zones, ongoing protests by residents of Lukovo and Himare areas, is expected documentation valid for registration, to be inherited by properties of 1942.

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