Monday, November 1, 2010

Burned wreaths in Bobostitcha

After the murder Aristotel Gouma, the event in Boboshtitsa is considered as the most dangerous incident between relations of Tirana and Athens

According to the Albanian media, unknown burned wreaths were deposited during the celebration of the anniversary of the monument in "Oxi Day" in Bobostitcha, Koritsa Region. The event took place just after the celebration ceremony.

The move came as the culmination of intense protests of Albanians led by history Prof. known as ultra Albanian nationalist Pellumb Xhufi, making this attack on their dead. They argue that the cemetery is only a Greek soldier, and that the rest are Albanians.

In addition, Omonia Organization, the Greek Represent in Kortsa Konsulate, Ikonomou and the Orthodox Church, has reacted for the vandal act against the Greek anniversary Day of "OXI".
According to latest information, has no still any react by Albanian government, when the incident is passing by Albanian media as a "provocation of Greece to rebirth the Northern Epirus front line from Koritsa to Vlora".

For another Albanian ultra nationalist Sabri Godo, for the incident, must live Albanian Territory the Greek Consul in Koritsa Ikonomou, as the responsible to raise of the chauvinist northern Epirus rhetoric, against Albanian national interests.

Just yesterday after Greek Day OXI ceremony, the chairman of PDI Party, which represents the "Chameria community", Shpetim Idrizi, calls the albanian government to protest strongly for the is happening in Koritsa Region with Greek memorials.




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