Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Continues the anti Hellenic situation in Albania

'Boboshtitsa', Charges to OMONIA's leader in Korca, Naum Disho

Prosecutor's Office announced today that Chairman Korca branch of OMONIA, Naum Disho, and two other collaborators Luan Zace and Alqi Koroveshi, committed illegal activities, in Boboshtitsa cemetery.

The press statement of the Prosecutor of Korce stated that "In October 2010, in the village Boboshticë, in the district of Korca, the defendant committed of the illegal works, not obtain construction by competent authorities in the old cemetery of this village, located within the territory of Saint-Mary's Church in this village "

From investigations made show that the defendants have expanded the basis of the cross, and created a path between this cross and the location of bells, are violated some of the graves of this village, which were excavated and then covered in concrete.

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