Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kosovo: election promises for union with Albania

November 24, 2010.

"The Return of the movement« Vetëvendosje "('Self determination), was in active politics by joining in reported registered political parties in Kosovo, which will participate in the elections on December 12, 2010. The party, which previously was an expression of nationalist Albanians against foreign presence in Kosovo, has attracted the interest of the German press, especially the German journalist Norbert Mappes-Niedieck », says today the Albanian TV 'Channel TOP '.

Niedieck has interviewed the leader of the party of 'Self Determination' Albin Kurti.

In this conversation Albanian Kurti explained that the 'Self' is not against the international presence in Kosovo.

But do not hesitate to declare to the interview - according to the Albanian-channel that promises to undertake the union of Kosovo with Albania.

"The Albanians in the Balkans constitute a single nation. The border between Kosovo and Albania have been installed by force, "said Kurti to the German journalist.

The "Self determination" exercise in political campaign in Kosovo, trying to extract part of the electorate is in favor the idea of union of Kosovo with Albania and the creation of so-called 'Greater Albania'.

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