Monday, November 22, 2010

Dozens of responses to the article "The Elephant of Northern Epirus (Epirus) still sleeps!"

Petro Marko for Himara: "Himara with Albania is as if to say, is heavy tail more than ax"

Photo: Staffan De Mistura

For more accurate information for readers SManalysis, must add that: Just in July of 1990, Petro Marko, visited Staffan De Mistura, the UN special envoy for the crisis of refugees who were attacked Western embassies in Tirana. Inter alia on the political situation in Albania, at the end of the fall of the Berlin Wall, De Mistura, was interested to know the opinion of Petro Marko about the relationship Albania Greece and the situation it was found in Northern Epirus and the Greek minority, after more than 40 years of persecution. Petro Marko's response was that: "Northern Epirus resembles a giant elephant, which one day will wake up from sleep, after Albania to join with Kosovo." Petro Marko used the other words while also an interesting epithet was to Himara, in which made a strange comparison. "Himara with Albania is as if to say, is heavy tail more than ax." Petro Marko, William & George Tenet and Pyrros Dhimas, are honorary citizen of the Municipality of Himara.

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