Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tirana, the next provocation against the people of Himara

While Berisha's government is legalizing thousands of houses built on lands looted mostly by the population came from northern Albania, the Supreme State Control, is seeking to penalize the Himara Mayor and President of "Omonia" (ethnic Greek minority in Albania) Vassilios Bollanos and members of Municipal administration.

The next challenge comes from the inspectors of the High State Control, which for two months, last year blocked the work of the Municipality of Himara, to find " violation of the laws by Municipality".

In essence, it is clear that the Government of Sali Berisha, is using courts, the Supreme Prosecutor's Office and State Control, to attack politically the Mayor of Himara V. Bollano, passing simultaneously Albanian political crisis to another crisis, that escalating to ethnic provocation in South of Albania.

Anyway, the Discrimination is showing open, while the Berisha government has approved laws that conflicts with ethnic owners in the region of Himara, does not allow the latter to build on their land, claiming Vassilios Bollanos has given permission for construction of houses in contravention of the laws in Albania.

This count is done in parallel at a time that Berisha government has approved a series of decisions where thousands abusive home go to legalize, even the lands looted by supporters of his electorate, from northern Albania.

According to analysts, this may create a precedent that alarming situation against the ethnic Greek community in the south of the country, since the laws adopted by the Albanian government and parliament, are composed by "ethnic-political discrimination" against Greeks of Albania, also using the whole arsenal of institutions such as courts and the case of the High State Control.

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