Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kosovo population census in 2011 PDF Print E-mail

ImageNext census on population, households, dwellings in Kosovo, is to take place in mid of 2011, say the officials at the Ministry of the Public Administration of the Republic of Kosovo, which also has been strongly recommended by many international organizations.

Deputy Minister of Public Administration, Rifat Blaku told RadioFreeEurope that the Republic of Kosovo Government has taken seriously the recommendation of the European Commission and EUROSTAT, two major sponsors of the project, which have recommended that the census of population of Kosovo should occur at the same year as in the other Europea states in 2011.

"It is a requirement of EUROSTAT and all organizations dealing with the population census. It should not look as single-dimensional, because with this Kosovo, as a new state, will permanently join all European states, which in every ten years organize the population census." said Blaku.

Current statistics show that Kosovar population living in Kosovo and those living overseas is well over 3 million, with Kosovar Albanians making over 97%. The Republic of Kosovo has the highest birthrate in Europe.

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