Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crash between Albanian bandits and Greek police

One citizen killed and two policemen injured is the result of actual combat in Athens throw grenades and shoot-out between police and bandits Albanians.

In particular during operation of the Attica Police to arrest bandits who lived in an apartment in the area, the officers asked the suspects once came to surrender.

They responded by firing five or six grenades from which exeragisan fortunately only two. The police responded with barrage of shots.

The unlucky citizen from Northern Epirus working in an adjacent building, finds himself mortally dead in the crossfire.

The perpetrators are Albanian citizen wanted for bank robbery and, according to reports, it is conceivable to be related to recent events in Athens.

One was arrested on the spot while the other tried to escape by resorting to a nearby bakery on the Life Giving Fountain.

After a while though and he was arrested.

The injured have been hospitalized.

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