Monday, January 25, 2010

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The response of George Papandreou for the Albanian Encyclopedic Dictionary

Greek PM George Papandreu has responded to the questions of MP of LAOS John Korantis, about the "Albanian Encyclopedic Dictionary"

Photo: LAOS PM John Korantis

A rapid Response to questions by LAOS PM , John Koranti on "Albanian Encyclopedic Dictionary".

"Efforts to trying and to counterfeiting misuse of the Greek history", says on the his response the Foreign Minister (and Prime Minister), George Papandreou to LAOS PM Korantis, which stresses that "It should be mentioned however that, according to the evaluation of services, in this latest version, it contained many gaps and distortion of historical reality that existed in previous similar work." John Korantis questions to PM Papandreu:

"The official Albanian Encyclopedic Dictionary of a few days ago issued by the Academy of Sciences of Albania, noting in his introduction that "national character" known repeats allegations longitudinal Albanian identity of Arta, Ioannina, Preveza and Igoumenitsa. Large extracts serve megalomania of the Albanian irredentism and cultivate the dispositions of the Chams.

Furthermore, degradation in the presence of the Greek minority in areas that are their ancestral homes, while removal of the Greek identity of areas such as Himara Region.

It asked the responsible P. Minister:

It informed the Foreign Ministry on this new piece of the Albanian Academy of Sciences, which is a government agency?
If yes, what you have made to the Albanian government to complain and ask for the removal of all the conflicting information?
Do you mobilize the Academy and other spiritual entities to make and they take the necessary steps?
you intend to raise this issue at international fora, such as the Council of Europe and the OSCE, particularly in the latter, as long as the Greek Presidency of this?

The honorable member

Member of Parliament LA.OS.

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