Thursday, January 28, 2010

Albanian Constitutional Court," 9-0 against Greece"

The 'gift' of Albania to George Papandreou

While the Prime Minister speaks of Albania's accession to the EU in 2014, the same Greek-cancel the 2009 agreement on maritime borders

Sure is now the cancellation of the Greek-Albanian agreement on maritime borders of the Constitutional Court of Albania, after the formal written statement made by the competent Albanian authorities this morning. It burns in a major paper on the Greek side that could be used in the same case with Turkey on the delimitation of the continental shelf in the eastern Aegean.

All this once just a few days earlier, on Friday, January 22, the Deputy of PM George Papandreou, the Foreign Minister Droutsas, standing Committee on Defense and Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Parliament, spoke on the initiative of the Prime Minister to incorporate the Western Balkans, thus and Albania, the European Union in 2014.

The Greek Foreign Ministry did not send a letter to the Secretary' of EU, Catherine Ashton and all the competent ministries of the European member countries to make known their intentions to the Greek government on this issue.

It was not but a week came the return of the Albanian side in a show of''goodwill'', also as usual! Remember that only his initials, on November 21, 2008, the Greek-Albanian agreement to establish two military cemeteries in Northern Epirus, Albania continues to concoct obstacles so as not resolved this particular humanitarian and emotional issue for all the Greek people 'Bitter taste' leaves the question if one considers that the same period the Greek Parliament ratifies the Stabilization and Association Agreement between Albania and the European Union, effectively bringing it one step closer to European integration.

Within this framework should be integrated and very recent criminal conviction and launching of the Municipal functions and imprisonment of Vasilis Bolanos, President of the Political Organization of the Greek national minority "Omonia" because it wanted the road signs in the jurisdiction of the municipality of Himara appear in the Greek. This took place a few days after the ratification by Greek Parliament of the agreement on accession of Albania into NATO.

There would be no exaggeration to say that Tirana seem to literally ride to Athens and evolve virtually arch''buddy'', by pretending a good neighbor, when needed its support, and the other contributing directly to Greek interests whenever the opportunity arises.

There is no doubt now that it is time to redefine the relative position of the Greek government towards this mildly ambiguous Albanian tactics.

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