Thursday, January 28, 2010

Forged passports of the countries of EU make "service" in Albania, than move to EU

Sofie has given about 50 thousand passports for Albanian citizen as Bulgarian nationality

For counterfeiters and their customers in Albania this case was difficult. The release of passports of the countries belonging to the EU wanted attention. These passports fell easily to the attention of authorities in the neighboring country. All this, however, until 2004.

However, in 2004 Bulgaria joined the EU made things very easy for everyone.
The Bulgarian passport external look at black market.

Therefore, forgers have golden business "plastograf Bulgarian identities".
This gave a good opportunity for the Albanians who wanted to travel to Europe.
Only the coaster did not last for long.

The Albanian authorities have identified as the perpetrators (the two men)
arrested them in the laboratory, finding in all the incriminating evidence.

They are accused of "falsifying identity cards, passports or visas", "production tools for forgery" and "falsification of documents in collaboration.

The counterfeit passports of EU Member States are sold in the neighboring country to different values.

The forgers' do a good job, because so far no Member State of the EU has discovered counterfeit passports or at least not the quantity in circulation.

Anyway Sofie, since belong member of EU, has given about 50 thousand passports for Albanian citizen as Bulgarian nationality, noted some sources in Tirana.

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