Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Athens “Unhappy” with ulterior developments on Greek Albanian relations

Greece - Interview of Alternate FM Droutsas on “Thema 9.89” radio, with journalists R. Bizogli & B. Koutras

Mr. Koutras: Mr. Minister, Greek diplomacy has many pending issues, but I would like to touch upon a point that has been included in the agenda for the first time: A while ago, we were informed that the Constitutional Court of Tirana held the delimitation of maritime zones agreed upon by Greece and Albania to be unconstitutional. Is there a comment on the part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

Mr. Droutsas: Look, we were informed about these developments today as well. It is of course a negative development that we are not happy about. But I want to stress that this is a matter of domestic judicial process in Albania, which we cannot but respect. First of all, we are waiting for an official announcement on the part of Albania and, of course, the Albanian government's proposals on how it intends to handle the matter further.

But allow me to stress – since you mentioned this issue – that in my recent visit to Tirana, all my collocutors from the Albanian side confirmed – in all tones possible – the importance and priority given by Albania to this agreement precisely. And this afternoon, within the framework of the International Conference on Afghanistan, I will have the opportunity to discuss this issue with the Albanian Foreign Minister, Mr. Meta, and hear his first reactions...

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