Thursday, January 28, 2010

Developments and Security on Balkans

FYROM: Fear of destabilization

Not only FYROM, but also the entire region is threatened by destabilization in March if the EU does not set a date for starting membership talks with the country.

FYROM's accession to the EU is a guarantee for stability and security. This is the conclusion of the report of Slovenian MEP Zoran Taler, which yesterday was adopted by a large majority by the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament, the Skopia newspaper "Dnevnik " informed. The document was adopted with 56 votes, five abstentions and five against.

The report of the European Parliament is a call not only to FYROM to solve its name dispute, but also the entire region and the EU to engage in an accelerated process of European integration on the Balkans, the newspaper reads further.

Dnevnik added that the European Parliament is sending messages for some time that the dispute over FYROM's name should soon be solved.

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