Saturday, June 13, 2009

Italy and Greece "confronted" for Vlora Harbor

According to "Proinos Logos" Roma insists to deviate "South Stream" from Igoumenitsa to the Harbor of Vlora (Avlona) in Adriatic Sea. But the scenario could open geopolitical polemics for Northern Epirus Region, (Southern Albania) between Italy and Greece. In Vlora Gulf is construited a pipeline harbor by "Petrolifera" an Italian investment, while the Albanian government decided to build a massive energetic park.

The inhabitants of Thesprotia Perdika insist that the environment will be charged and will turn off the tourist area. According to reports in the Italian press after the reactions of residents Perdika for passage of a gas pipeline from the region, the press in Italy, writes to pass the pipeline from Albania.

This course is very difficult and impossible to happen, since far more costly, but also because the Greek government makes the right maneuver. However ... the Italian demands put residents Perdika face their responsibilities, since in no case should the energy lost opportunity for Greek province.

Anyway now Vlora, will be the center of confrontation between Italy and Greece because the territory where is built the Energetic Park has propriety conflict with inhabitants of the region who are with Greek origin.

The Italians want and have lodged official to reach the pipeline from the Adriatic region between Durres and Avlona and not from Perdika (Thesprotia). The DEPA still considering alternatives and plans to establish the Continent natural gas distribution company. The works are until slow to start in Thesprotia.

Albanian Government decision on June 12, 2009: "Free Zone in Vlora Region"

The albanian government declared "Free Zone in Vlora Region" At the meeting, the Council of Ministers decided proclamation of "economic zone" status as "Free Zone in Vlora Region", the surface area of 478.14 ha. The scope and limitations of the area defined in the indicative map, attached to this decision. In this area the economic activities will be held: - Port, and industrial processing; - Commercial storage of goods; - Services, with the exception of activities related to the production of steel. The functioning of the economic zone is up to 35 years, Energitic Park.

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