Friday, June 12, 2009

10 Kosovo MPs demand: Prizreni to be next "Albanian Capital"

Pristina-Ten Members of Kosovo Parliament have asked the Presidency of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo in the next plenary session to introduce the agenda request to debate and decide which Prizreni declared capital of the Republic of Kosovo.

"The Parliament obligates the Kosovo Government to prepare a legal infrastructure to carry the state administration in Prizren in Kosovo on 10 June 2016", reportedly at the request of 10 deputies.

According to them, request Prizreni declared the capital of Kosovo, above all with historical significance that has this city for the population of Kosovo in general and in particular to the Albanian people.

Prizreni in certain historical periods was vilajetit center, place of the first autonomous Albanian state, which was founded the Albanian League of Prizren, as of 17 December 1944 until 31 December 1946.

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