Sunday, April 18, 2021

The first American troops arrive in Albania a week before the elections for Defender Europe 21


Us troops in Durrës Port

 The first American military ship "USAV MG CHARLES" arrived in the port of Durrës in Albania on Thursday afternoon, which has started the landing of the first military troops and logistical means that will be used for the "Defender Europe 21" exercise.

The US Army "Defender Europe '21" troop exercise is considered one of the largest exercises in Europe.

The exercise, which will take place in several Balkan and Black Sea countries, will take place from May 1st to June 14th. It will be led by US Army Command in Europe.

Over 17,000 US troops and another 14,000 troops from 26 NATO member states will take part in the exercise.

According to the Ministry of Defense, 4,000 American soldiers will be stationed in Albania, while the rest will be stationed in neighboring countries.

Meanwhile, it is said that the American troops also aim to guarantee the maintenance of political stability during the elections.

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