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Himara is "burning" the heads of the directors in the Vlora Property Registration Office, the 13th director is leaving, since Edi Rama came to power

Vazhdojnë dorëheqjet në Hipotekën Vlorë, largohet drejtori i 13-të
by SManalysis

The new property law is favoring chaos in the most problematic Property Registration Office in Albania, that in Vlora, due to the coveted properties of the autochthonous Greeks, by the Albanian oligarchs and the mafia.

It is publicly known that the Directors of the Vlora Property Registration Office, "resigned" have caused chaos and overlap, corruption but also robbery with false documents, of the territory of Himara, an institution that strangely resides in Vlora, and that has legally under control all the Municipality of Himara

The last Director of the Office for the Registration of Real Estate of Vlora, has resigned after only 3 months of work. The reasons for his resignation are not yet known.

He was appointed to the post on February 4, 2020 to replace his predecessor, who also only stayed at work for 4 months before resigning.

Meanwhile, this case is the fifth director of the Office of Property Registration, which resigns in September 2019, and the 13th since the Socialists came to power in 2013.
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But the Albanian government has repeatedly hinted that leaving the Vlora Property Registration Office is the result of interference to "remove people who do not enforce the law from real estate offices." But none of them have been convicted or prosecuted because they have served the oligarchs, the mafia, with deeply Albanian national motives, against the territory and properties of the Greeks in Himara, a danger of international accusations against Albania, which is trying to assimilate a compact ethnic Greek population, in the name of "European values" and tourism investments.

But various investigations in the media have shown that the Vlora mortgage is not about dismissals.
This clearly shows that the courts and prosecutors operate deeply overburdened with nationalist doses, as long as no measure of decision or arrest has been carried out against these high-ranking state officials, but only "resignations" have been enough.

While the critical media covering the interest of the people of Himara have linked the resignations, with the issue of ownership of an area on the beach of Jal in Himara, where the government has given an Albanian company, on the land of an autochthonous Greek resident, to build 3 hotel complexes as a strategic investment, while it is thought that in Drymades, Himara, Palasa and Kiparo, land occupations have not stopped, with false documents issued by these directors ...

Tourist resorts have been supported by the government as strategic investments, for which, since 2015, the law provides for relief and priority for the consolidation of property titles, which means that a strategic investor who in most cases come from Tirana or Prishtina can build more easily than an individual or ordinary business of the Greek inhabitants of Himara, and even the latter are not given any ownership documents or permits to build.
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Three years ago, The Voice of Amerika, reported that some of these strategic investments, with laws passed by the Albanian parliament, were being looted or looted by ethnic Greeks in Himara.

Meanwhile, through the new Property Law, contested by the people of Himara, it seems that the problem that presents chaos is the overlapping of properties, for which exponents of the Greek community in Himara and Omonia, think that the Overlap of properties is due to manipulation. of property documentation, being falsified and put in the interest of the Albanian mafia, which is buying these properties in violation of the strategy for the Registration of Property and property titles in the ethnically Greek area, along the Ionian coast, Vlora - Himara - Agia Saranda ..

Property disputes over property in Vlora have been ongoing. Last year it was reported that there were 403 lawsuits in the courts for such cases, while it is thought that the overlaps are bringing chaos of fear and insecurity to the Greek residents of Himara.

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