Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, threatens Europe by "joining" Kosovo

The prime minister of Albania has stated again, the determination to join Greater Albania, while his police authorities tolerate organized crime with methods of ethnic cleansing in the south of Albania where they live greek community, as in Himara Region.

Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama and Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, at a joint press conference, said that the joint meeting of the Albanian-Kosovo government will take place November 27 - November 28.

Rama said that at the joint meeting of the Governments, the main focus will be the removal of the border between Albania and Kosovo.

"The border controls will be so rare that many may fail to have any controls, as is the case at EU borders. Student diplomas, young people's work are obvious difficulties for young people on both sides of "Albanian territories," said Rama.

He further stated that we have a full agreement that the unification of our market should lead as a model of regional market unification and in open opposition to all conspiracy theories for the regional economic zone,

"I want to underline that Albania and Kosovo have all the opportunities to be models that precede their example in creating a regional economic zone," said Prime Minister Rama.

Paradoxically, in the South of Albania, especialy in Himara Region, politics with radical methods of discrimination against the Greeks in their historic territory is being carried out Ethnic Cleansing, as a result of the Tourism Development Plans, but in fact of a massive displacement, by the use of terror by the criminal and paramilitary groups, funded by the oligarchs and corrupt politicians.

Greece has raised its voice with VETO for the integration process of Albania in the EU, as a result of the repression by Tirana Authorities, against Himara, while the EU - USA Diplomats have recently appeared on the side of the people of Himara.

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