Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ilir Meta of LSI, blocks Cham issue in the Albanian Parliamentary Commission

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The Conference of Presidents of parties in the Parliament of Albania, does not consider a request PJIU for establishing a commission for events in the genocide after World War II. Obstacles to the initiative of the party PDIU has been Socialist Movement for Integration, which has asked for more time to review the request. This is the next clash between the two parties are competing over who will hold the second place in the coalition of the left.

LSI has shown in the past that the nationalist rhetoric against the Chams and this has proved its leader's visit Meta in Greece, after rising tensions between the government Rama and Athens. However MP PJIU Mesila Doda reacting after postponing next week PDIU demand for discussion and establishment of the Investigative Committee for the Cham issue, said that the party that represents, not withdraw the application.

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