Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Political supporters of "Greater Albania" in Kosovo, have taken Albanian citizenship from Tirana

The leaders of "Vetevendosje" take Albanian citizenship, a list decreed by President Nishani

Senior officials of Vetevendosje Movement have received Albanian citizenship.

President of the Republic of Albania of Albania, Bujar Nishani has decided to grant citizenship president of this movement, Visar Ymer and former leader Albin Kurti.

In the list are also MP of Vetevendosje,  Aida Dërguti, and leader of the Parliamentary group Glaus Konjufca. In the list are also  Liburn Molliqaj and Dardan Aliu .

With this act, Albin Kurti, can create a political movement similar to "Vetevendosje" in Albania, launched by the Parliament of Albania, the unification of Albania with Kosovo.

According to the geo-strategic analysts, such a move sponsored by USA, can bring a plain B in the Balkans, change of borders and the creation of ethnic states.

Former CIA official Stephen Cohen, in an opinion some time ago, has analyzed changes of borders in the Balkans, could create new divisions in the Balkans, based on the creation of ethnic states.

Between Albania and Kosovo, Movement "Vetevendosje" led by Albin Kurti, has been described as a political mechanism which will convene a referendum on unification of Albania with Kosovo, while giving Albanian citizenship by Albanian President Nishani, marks the first officially step of this



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