Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Risk comes from Russia: one of the issues of Foreign Policy of Albania

While other members of the Parliamentary Delegation of NATO gathered in Tirana, demanding that helicopters Albanian army to enter to move operations from NATO, for the Minister of Defense Kodheli, it was more important to emphasize that "Albania has declared that the great risk comes from Russia" than to be part of the NATO troops in operations.

Minister of Defence of Albania, Mimi Kodheli, held as the main theme of her speech in the work of the NATO Assembly, being held in Tirana, the "Russian risk". According to Albanian Minister, the failure of the EU, or even the North Atlantic Alliance in maintaining cohesion, is a threat to peace in the Balkans.

"Failure would mean fragmentation of the unity of the European continent and unfortunately, many who expect this to happen. We should not forget the areas that can easily be affected by international turmoil, due to their instability and weakness. Western Balkans is one of them, relatively far away from Russia and the Middle East, but mainly influenced by money, ideology and fundamentalism Moscow. This region is the crossroads that unites East and West.

At such time, such conflicts can be prevented easily through the integration process, because integration spread stability and security, and provides incentive for aspirant countries to undertake democratic reforms. We all know that the road to EU membership is more complicated for Western Balkans, and this applies to Albania.

Numerous problems are weakening integration dream, but this is why we strongly supported Montenegro's membership in NATO and welcome the signing of the protocol days ago by the Foreign Ministers. Coalition presence in the region is welcome and appreciated. Montenegro will not be the last country to join the alliance, as long as it will be in force Article 10 of the Washington Treaty and national decisions on integration aspirations will be free ", said Kodheli.

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