Sunday, May 29, 2016

Athens responds to Tirana: Cham issue does not exist. Nazi collaborators, they fled from Greece along with occupiers


Nikos Kotzias comes in Tirana, seeing even a climate of deteriorating, for violation of the universal rights of the Greeks in Himara Region, abducting properties and are destroying the houses, using "legal space", as voted by the Albanian criminalized Parliament.


Athens sends a clear signal to Tirana , particularly on the eve of the visit of his counterpart Nikos Kotzias in the Albanian capital. Greek media. today cited Greek government officials, to put embargo, any preparation of the Government to discuss the Cham issue. '

"Cham issue does not exist" and "reference repeatedly by the Albanian authorities of a non-existent issue, bilateral relations not only serves". So are the sources said Greek Foreign Ministry commented statements as Albanian Minister Bushati in an interview for "Top Channel", where Albanian diplomat reported this issue as part of the agenda of discussions.

According to the same sources, Greece is the belief that during World War II "Chams who collaborated with the Nazis finally left Greece along with the occupier.

Greek Foreign Minister Kotzias comes in Tirana on 6 and 7 June with a package of proposals that will replace the treaty of friendship between the two countries signed 20 years ago. Greek party aimed at resolving disputes the maritime border, the agreement on graves of Greek soldiers fallen in Albania during World War II, solving the problems of ownership of both sides and respecting the rights of the Greek minority.

Since coming to power of the Alliance for European Albania relations between the two countries have the lowest point, because of the government's position regarding the maritime border left. On this issue the Minister Bushati has prompted an investigation, which so far has not given answers to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims.

3-year stint as prime minister Edi Rama has not officially never visited Athens, but formal meetings with former Prime Minister Samaras, Tsipras tables or regional counterpart. Rama was not present neither in the beginning of works for the extension of the TAP pipeline, while Greek media report that it has been invited by Greek Prime Minister to be present at the ceremony. Moreover, Prime Minister Tsipras has twice canceled the scheduled visit to Albania without giving good reasons.

Reassertion the "Cham issue", comes at a time when the majority within the alliance, projected that could lead to the PS - LSI division and in this context, takes the threat of PDIU sense to review the co-governance agreement with the Socialist Party.

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