Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The General Frangkos Frangoulis Campain to exercise the voting rights of Northern Epiriotes to Greece

About 400 thousand Northern Epiriotes have the right to vote in Greek Elections

With Diaspora, Greece became 20 million People.

Campaign of General Frangos to exercise the voting rights of the Greeks of the Diaspora

Campaign undertook the Honorary Chief of Staff, General Fragkos Frangoulis, to exercise the right to vote for vote in national and local elections, the Greeks throughout the world, which of course have the Greek citizenship, from the place residence without coming to Greece.

The highly interesting initiative of General are sure to strengthen our national interests, but also will give the rights to these wonderful Greek diaspora to elect governments that will protect the vital interests of Greek Nation.

Other all, the Former Chief of Staff, General Fragkos Frangoulis noted:

"I enclose herewith a mandate for voting to exercise it from your place of residence, obligation under the Constitution after the revision of 2001 not yet legislated by each and every Greek governments as they should have done.

It is therefore imperative to launch a crusade for the success of the appeal to the State Council (mp,) and the International Court of Human Rights.

 In order to have the right to vote, to vote in National Elections and Local Government, wherever you live in the world and to practice it from home, without requiring you come in Greece, if you have the Greek citizenship.

With the assistance of the Greeks living abroad, it becomes clear that the electorate and even expanded with you our emigrant brothers, pulsating heart your love for the motherland, while undoubtedly have greater sensitivity than "us within borders" on National Issues and the vision about the future, and our survival as a nation.

 Your own active mass participation in society, not just unite us, but now we are a cohesive force to be reckoned with Twenty Millions Greeks together with Diaspora...: noted General Frangoulis

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