Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Corruption and Clientelism: How are broken South of Albania (Himara Region)

Tirana Observer

Some government projects for the "Rebirth of the South Coast" in Vlora, Saranda and Himara Region, are turning to clientelism and benefit plans

 Former Deputy Minister of Defense, Dritan Hila, wrote on his Facebook profile to an act of "donation" that Minister of Tourism has made the adjustment plan to coast. Hila says the act itself, given that in his opinion, the default studio "Atelier 4", the owner Alban Eftimiu only for 2015 received by the Albanian state projects worth 8 million dollars.

"Englantina Gjermeni Minister has signed the plan for regulating the coast of southern Albania, it makes a studio called" Atelier 4 ". Its owner isAlban Eftimiu. This has been an employee of the Municipality of Tirana at the time was chairman Edi Rama. Now is "Private" in alliance with Koco Kokëdhima PM of Socialist Party and coolaborator of PM Edi Rama. I do not want to settle how they will tear apart the south of Albania. It's a plan that will describe later, because not in vain placed for mayor of Saranda and Vlora two strangers.

It's a disgusting plan that has nothing in common with the hope that those hundreds of thousands of Albanians voted left. But I want to say that the studio "Atelier 4", received by the Albanian state institutions only in 2015 without a tender, neither less nor more, but 8 million for projects city centers. Do not tell me that there is no corruption, "says Hila. Further, Hila notes with irony: "Do not tell me that there is no patronage. Do not tell me this is not the Albanians looting money. That if you tell me this, then everyone chooses revenge ye have done had the collar on the neck that you have made history, "says Hila.

While the newspaper "Tema" says the five companies that competed in the race for consulting services on "Development of Local General Plan in 26 municipalities, with the subject" Development of Local General Plan for the municipality of Vlora, Himara, Saranda, Konsipol "Commission evaluated with the most points, the only company that did not have an international partner and that their bbackgrounds from anonymous work, primarily topographic and without any public acceptable performance.

 But, According to the "Tema" Newspaper, the winning company is joining the CEC Group with Erald - G, the first company based in Kucova, with previous work mainly topography road, after which stands Koco Kokëdhima, and the second a company without any public performance from the periphery of the North, after which stands a deputy. Four other companies are true studio and urban architecture with renowned international partners, who have been ignored.

"Theme" writes further that "it is a project which will have its influence on the future of most beautiful territory of Albania, the Albanian Riviera, from Vlore in Cape Stillo, and that seems to me More attention is made to remain in the hands of Kokëdhimës, than to find a serious company to give her ideas. "

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