Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Four albanian wanted for terrorism by Lazarati hiding in Greece

 "Lazarati "fans" of ISIS", caught a five-wanted for terrorism

Greek police have increased the degree of readiness in terms of terrorism, especially connections with cells of ISIS Albanians. According to Greek media after the arrest of a 18-year old  Albanian from Lushnja, who later deported in Albania, authorities have led to the red level of risk from terrorism.   

In addition to 18-year-old from Lushnja arrested, according to the Greek authorities believed to be togather of four other fugitives from the Albanian police, Arbion Aliko, Alban Aliko, Viktor Aliko and Ervin Basho  fugitives in Greece. 

Albanian police has wanted these persons as accused of gun attacks on police in Lazarat, attempted murder and blasts with explosives. Four fugitives are members of ISIS, as their profiles on Facebook have ISIS materials.  

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