Saturday, October 4, 2014

Durres: Broken the "Square Thessaloniki" unidentified removed the Greek flag

Durres - Smash plates "Square Thessaloniki" in Durres. Unidentified persons after injury to the plate have also removed the Greek flag.

Placard under the symbolic name "Square Thessaloniki" was built some time ago in one of the squares of Durres, the ceremony for which was attended by the Mayor of Thessaloniki own Giannis Boutaris.

But about a year ago in the Greek city of Thessaloniki was inaugurated park named "Durres-Albania".

Plates named coastal city, holds on both sides of its Albanian and Greek flag as a symbol of good relations between the two neighboring countries. In connection with the destruction of the plate "Square Thessaloniki", Durres Police launched an investigation to find the vandals.

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