Monday, September 29, 2014

"Moskva" Warship in Corfu 

Russian Warship come back in Ionian sea in Albanian border, since 1961

Russian "Warships" in the Ionian Islands as the Russian Fleet flagship, the cruiser «Moskva» stealing impressions and crew to "flood" the ports of Corfu and Lefkada. The visit of the ship was within the established annual celebrations in honor of the Russian admiral and Holy Russian Orthodox Church, Theodore Ousakof and tightening of intellectual and historical ties between the two countries.
2bThe "Russian Week Ionian Islands" was completed yesterday and today «Moskva» departs from Lefkada probably on the Black Sea. Had tied from Sunday off the coast of the Castle and the crew transferred to small boats in the floating bridge and then walk to Agios Minas.
13Many locals rushed to the beach to admire the imposing Russian ship. Something that did the inhabitants of the island of Corfu, the first station of the «Moskva» in Ionian islands. Apart from the flagship of the Russian Fleet traveled to the islands 30 Russian parliamentarians, officials and journalists in Moscow to give this to one of the largest Russian - Greek Social Forum, taking place internationally since 2002.

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