Friday, February 21, 2014

Serbia, Macedonia "to cooperate more closely"

BELGRADE -- Foreign Ministers of Serbia and Macedonia Ivan Mrkić and Nikola Poposki agreed on Friday in Belgrade that the two countries "share the same EU prospects."
Poposki and Mrkić are seen in Belgrade (Tanjug)
Poposki and Mrkić are seen in Belgrade (Tanjug)
They announced closer cooperation in the future.
"Our relations are exceptionally good and we are determined to strengthen them, and the best proof of this are the two governments' plans for future joint activities," Mrkić told a joint press conference.

Mrkić noted that Belgrade and Skopje organized the first joint sitting of the two governments last year, while a new meeting is planned to take place in the second half of 2014.

An agreement was made with the Macedonian side to prepare a joint consultation program, said Mrkić.

The topics discussed in the meeting included the situation in the region and the relations with the European Union, considering that both countries are vying for a full EU membership, said Mrkić.

Macedonian Foreign Minister Poposki stressed that Macedonia and Serbia have excellent relations and a shared vision in many areas.

Continued progress of countries in the region in the EU integration process is also in the interest of Macedonia, said Poposki.

Macedonia and Serbia share a common European future, which is why we are working on this goal together, he said.

"We plan to hold joint meetings and consultations this year with regard to the EU integration ", Poposki announced.

Macedonia's foreign minister pointed that the two countries have a strong bilateral trade, reaching USD 800 million at an annual level.

"We hope that it will be possible to enhance cooperation in the field of railway and road infrastructure and in the energy sector," said Poposki.

The two ministers also signed an agreement on mutual recognition of professional qualifications.

Earlier today the Macedonian minister had separate meetings with Serbia's President Tomislav Nikolić and Prime Minister Ivica Dačić.

Relations between Serbia and Macedonia have improved significantly, with political dialogue and economic cooperation intensifying, Dačić and Poposki said on Friday.

Linking the roads and railroads of the two countries is extremely important, as well as the power supply networks, Dačić stated.

Police cooperation in battling illegal migration, trafficking and narcotics smuggling is already showing results, he noted.

The two also discussed improving trade cooperation by eliminating customs barriers, taking more advantage of CEFTA mechanisms and working together on other markets, the government office for media relations has said.

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