Wednesday, February 19, 2014

As long as human rights and civil liberties are violated in Himara Region primarily property, Greece to put veto on the status Candidate for Albania in EU

Himara Associations: Athens to block the status of Albania, if Tirana, does not solve the property issue

Two associations based in Himara, "The Himara Community" and "Sea Coastal Association" have asked in a statement distributed to the media this afternoon that Greece "should block the candidate status for Albania" if Tirana, will not solve the problems of Human Rights and particularly the issue of the properties in Himara Region.

The statement takes into consideration the visit Tirana following day of E.Venizelos the Greek Deputy Prime Minister also heads the Presidency of the European :

 The Himara Community and the "Sea Coastal Association", take the opportunity to denounce, with concrete actions to the Albanian Governments, in all these 23 years of political puralizmit, for failing to deliberate the property ...

Greece, as the actually chair of the EU, but also as strategic intimate partners, has the responsibility to help the Albanian people, for the road to Europe .. The Human Rights and the issue of properties in the Region of Himara, has passed all limits of tolerance - is among other statement.

The statement further says that "parliamentary elections brought a new government, which had vowed to return the properties of Himara, with a special law for the coast, but instead of her, by the Communist Law 7501, was extended for three years to other"
The statement gets warning after harsh tones , asking, "within 6 months of the Greek presidency, the Albanian government to fulfill its constitutional obligations, for the return of all land and property assets to the Himara people and all the Coastal Ionian Region "as and requires the assistance of international organizations to "any attempt to block the new administrative division, without the desire of the community."


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