Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Omonia and Associations of Himariotes, warn for mass protests in Himara

Violation of human rights, looting of property, destruction of housing selectively against citizens of Greek origin from the Albanian police authorities, constitutes a violation of the Albanian and European Constitution

Analysts believe that the wave of destruction of buildings with planning permission on private property, in Himara Region may prompt state of emergency in the Ionian Coast, where it lives in majority, the Greek population

Albanian media, especially the Albanian Telegraphic Agency , have published the news that " the ruined buildings in Dhermi not have planning permission," and that INUK and state police have done without the intervention of resistance from residents, which is not true .

Case of Yale in 2007, can be repeated with extremely dangerous consequences between Albanian Greek relations.

Greek Ethnic community organizations in Albania , and Himariotas associations in the world, have warned of massive protests for demolition that are being made to the property and the residents Asset of Greek origin , in Himara Region .

The news made ​​known through the social network in Greece, where particularly, there is a high concentration of citizens with dual citizenship from Himara.

Currently, many citizens from Greece but also from USA, are back in Himara, to follow closely what is happening from the irresponsible actions of the Albanian police, against the destruction of their properties, camouflaged by the name of coastal development

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